Residential Renovation – Vaucluse

Residential Renovation - Vaucluse 29

A repeat client bought a 3 bedroom unit in a dual occupancy house in Vaucluse. The client is an experienced renovator who wanted to modernise the interior of their apartment and ‘spruce up’ the exterior of the whole building. Her brief included instructions to design a more open and spacious kitchen, review of her selection of finishes, exterior paint scheme and overall improved space planning.



The exterior paint scheme was designed to deliberately tone down the red and terracotta hues of the brick paving and tiled roof. It also introduces the interior’s light and neutral palette with dark contrasting accents. This palette forms a soft backdrop for the client’s art collection and chosen furniture pieces.

The door to the garage was removed – a ‘walk through’ pantry was created from which one could enter the new media room and existing garage. The fridge was moved to this pantry and the ‘working’ part of the kitchen is located to the rear. This leaves the front of the kitchen clear of appliances enabling easy entertainment and access to and from the dining and living area.

The joinery and walls are all finished in Dulux Natural White creating a light and spacious feel. The kitchen cabinetry’s classic shaker profile creates visual texture and layering.  Dark ‘inky blue’ subway tiles feature as a strong contrast and bounces light off its highly glazed surface.

Residential Renovation - Vaucluse 9

Some of the optional layouts proposed before the final layout was chosen: