Julie Jacobson formed van bergen designs toward the end of 2006.  She obtained her Diploma of Interior Decoration & Design from CATC in Sydney and is an accredited member of the Design Institute of Australia.

I am able to deliver a variety of design services – ranging from interior and residential building design to interior joinery fit out; to styling. I particularly enjoy space planning. I involve clients in the design process and encourage them to enjoy it as much as I do. I believe in collaboration with builders, certifying authorities, engineers and architects from early on in the design process – it manages everyone’s expectations of what is achievable.

She has designed residential interiors in Australia, Namibia, South Africa and Sweden.  Always interested in interior design from an early age, her projects began with family and friends’ homes as well as her own.

My home is like a test run for my clients – ideas are constantly running through my mind.

Her projects include renovated residences, boutique styled office spaces, apartments’ fit-out and property styling. A lawyer in her ‘previous life’, she is much happier as a designer helping clients create homes they love.

I want you to feel good every time you walk into your home; I want the interior of your business premises to enhance your employees’ and customers’ day.

Julie is passionate about her chosen profession and dedicated to providing clients with interior design solutions which skillfully combine innovation, practicality, aesthetics and sustainability. Listening to clients’ needs, she aims for harmony between form, function and the building envelope.